These regulations establish the general rules of conduct of each of the guests who enter this establishment of their own volition without exception, in order to provide them with a
comfortable stay, regardless of their race, religion, country of origin, language or beliefs.

• As a security measure it is necessary to present some method of official identification in
force when registering at the hotel.
• There are no refunds for cancellations of the reservation without exceptions.
• For your comfort and others, you must maintain at all times an atmosphere of peace,
without altering the internal order like in the room’s and in the common areas, the high
volume of electronic devices or disturbances within the hotel is not allowed.
• Respect the collaborators and guests and do not attack in any way either physically or
verbally. If any of these acts are committed, the hotel reserves the right to evict the
person(s) responsible, in accordance with Article 58 of the Federal Consumer Protection
• For hygiene measures, the garbage must be deposited in the trash cans located in the
different points of the hotel.
• The room cleaning service will be upon request. If you require the service, place on the
door when you leave the room the sign that indicates your request. In case you do not
want to be interrupted, you can also use a sign communicating that you do not want to
be disturbed.
• We implore you to respect the following schedules of the common areas established by
the hotel:
The Spa, yoga and therapy will be available according to the appointments made upon request.
Terrace pool 8:00-22:00 hrs.
Gym 7:00 – 22:00 hrs.
Rooftop Bar 2:00 –21:30 hrs.
Restaurant 7:30 – 21:30 hrs.

Check-In Check-Out

• At the time of booking, the number of people occupying in the room must be declared.
The published rate is for 2 people and has the American type breakfast included. You
should not exceed the capacity of the room as this implies an impact on the use of the
facilities in general, if you are going to have guests in the room, you will need to notify
the reception staff so that they can evaluate the request, this could incur an extra charge.
In case of damage, alter or loss of any item belonging to the facilities you must cover the
expenses that result.
• Check-in time is from 15:00 hours. In case of requiring an Invoice, it must be requested at
the time of making a payment, you have 5 working days, otherwise it will be invoiced in
general public.
• We ask you to leave the room at the stipulated time of your Check Out 12:00 hours, since
if you do not do so you will incur an extra charge for late check-out.

• • The “late check out” is subject to availability and you must notify reception to make the
necessary arrangements.
• At the time of check out, the key must be handed over, otherwise you will be charged the
value of $ 15 US dollars for loss.


• It is forbidden to enter the hotel with food or drinks that are not provided by the Hotel
• The hotel will put at your disposal a safe in your room for valuables, it is the responsibility
of each guest to safeguard and take care of their belongings inside and outside the room
including common areas. The administration is not responsible for losses thereof.
• It is not allowed under any circumstances, to bring with you weapons of any kind or drugs.
• The hotel is not obliged to make discounts or promotions.
• Neither the Hotel or the Hotel staff are responsible for accidents inside and outside the
property. As well as the inconveniences of external services such as agencies, tours, taxis,

• It is strictly forbidden to lay towels or clothing on the balconies of the installation.
• The entry of pets is forbidden.
• Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms.
• To all our rates will be added the corresponding VAT (Value Added Tax) currently this is
16%. And 3% of ISH (Lodging Tax) as stipulated in the State of Nayarit.
• The guest undertakes to read and understand the provisions of this document, agreeing
and respecting the aforementioned.